Adornment meaning: something that adds attractiveness; ornament; to accessorize; make beautiful

Chez Zen Mas first started out as a Body Artistry establishment in Trinidad
and Tobago with the vision of the ultimate adornment of the female body.
Providing services from professional makeup, henna designs to hair and
nails cosmetology services. With the inclusion of our carnival services, we
have evolved into a Professional Carnival Body Artistry Company.

Carnival Mas Band (CHEZ ZEN NATION):

Provide the ultimate carnival
parade experiences for masqueraders.

Carnival Costume Production:

the mass production of costumes for other
Mas Bands.

Carnival Costumes Prototypes Designs:

professional carnival costume
designs that satisfy our clientele requirements for both individual clients
and carnival bands.
Face painting – face painting designing for clients such as children
masqueraders etc.

Carnival Make up

this includes conventional makeup, face painting, body
airbrush designing as well as studded jewelry application
Airbrush designing- this range from airbrush glamour makeup to full body
design, body tattoos and body camouflaging and tanning.



Chez Zen Mas

works with the client to ascertain all necessary
requirements and expectations. Working with this framework, we have a
wide range of some of the best suppliers both locally and China based,
where all products and materials can be manufactured exactly to each
prototypes, design as well as promotional items. Having this team

guarantees our masqueraders to always get exactly what they initially
purchased and at a convenient time.

Our vision

is to become one of the most well-known international Carnival
Mas Band and Body Artistry Company, in addition to developing a sterling
reputation of excellence amongst our clients